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      Oxygen pump is a must for every fish tank。 How to choose it? It's estimated that it can only be bought according to the sales evaluation! Today I'll share with you。 In fact, as long as I'm careful, Baidu will explain!


      Voltage and frequency: as long as you remember to choose China's 220V voltage, it will not be wrong! Power: This is a parameter that many people disagree with. This is a sign of energy consumption. The work done by the oxygen pump per unit time is determined by the power. Without the support of power, the power of the oxygen pump is not enough. The flow (also called flow) is very similar to the pump flow, except that the pump flow is calculated in hours and the aeration flow is calculated in minutes. It represents the amount of oxygen drawn out in one minute.


      When there is water in the tank, there is pressure on the oxygen pump. The deeper the water, the greater the pressure of the oxygen pump. At the maximum pressure, the flow rate is the minimum, and the amount of air entering the water in one minute is "0". Remember, the pressure is not generated by the oxygen pump, but by the environment. The deeper the water, the greater the pressure. Therefore, the two technical parameters of flow and pressure are one of the factors we must consider when choosing oxygen pump. The deeper the water, the more attention! The louder the volume, the louder the noise. It's hard to avoid. In addition, there is nothing to say about the remaining technical parameters. Talk about the small error of oxygen pump, and how to eliminate the noise tips!


      In fact, many fish friends have such a misunderstanding that if the oxygen pump is used for a long time, the bubble will become smaller, which is not right, as long as the oxygen pump is not bad, there will be no such problem.



      There is only one possibility that the bubble will be smaller - the oxygen pump inlet is blocked!


      In fact, each oxygen pump has a filter cotton at the air inlet and a protective cover outside. Open the lid, clean the filter cotton and put it back in place. The foam is still rich and perfect.


      There is also a non use check valve, also known as the check valve, which is a small tool for saving money and practical use, for some fish friends! You put the oxygen pump into the bottom of the water tank, which is a necessary check valve device of the water tank, it can also protect your water tank oxygen pump from being damaged by the return water in the water tank!


      When the noise of the air pump occurs (the previous problem is that the product quality is good), we first need to check whether the position of the air pump is not "real", that is, whether there is a resonance source, and try to find the source of the problem, or use hand pressure. If it's not resonance, check if there's a small gap at your tracheal connection that makes a "Bzzz" sound. If not, please check whether the quality of the starting head is qualified, because the purchase of the air pump in the market will send one or two air, the air quality is very poor, the refining effect is not good, the foam is very big, causing the air pump load to be too small, and the noise does not contact the head, the gas cylinder wall or the bottom. After the above inspection, if there is still noise, it is an internal problem of the air pump, which needs to be repaired.


      The above is a detailed introduction of the reasons and solutions for the noise of the oxygen pump in Jinan fish tank maintenance. To learn more, please click http://www.sun-tm.com

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