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      Generally, the water in the lowland swamp or lake will be light brown or green turbid, which is a eutrophication lake enriched by phytoplankton (phytoplankton) in the water, and the amount of phytoplankton will increase sharply.


      It is also the same in the aquarium。 If the number of fish is too much, the filtration function is poor, the sunlight or too much light will lead to the rapid propagation of phytoplankton (algae), which may cause "green water" or "yellow green water"。 If this happens, it is necessary to completely change water, effectively control the number of fish and prevent direct or indirect sunlight。


      The water used in the water tank is generally from tap water, mountain spring water and river water. If the algae or spores floating in the water are not killed before the raw water is injected into the water tank, the algae spores will propagate due to the light source in the water tank and the absorption of nutrients, resulting in turbid water quality and green or yellow brown color.


      Unfortunately, if the injected water contains a large amount of toxic algae, it will lead to the death of fish, shrimp and aquatic organisms, but there are many people who do not know it。 Toxic algae such as typical green flagella, brown flagella, yellow flagella, cyanobacteria (not all blue baths are toxic, only some species of cyanobacteria are toxic), Verbena, etc。


      Analysis of water turbidity in Jinan Second Hand fish tank


      Generally speaking, the yellow green brown water is caused by the upstream water source.


      In the middle and upper reaches of the golf course, the water source is mainly composed of phosphorus and nitrogen, such as water in the orchard and orchard


      1. The new cylinder nitrification system has not been established, resulting in incomplete decomposition of organic matter, when the concentration of nitric acid is more than 50mg \ L.


      2。 When coral sand with pH > 7。5 is misused to improve hardness。


      3. When the light is insufficient, the water grass does not undergo photosynthesis and does not bubble (the amount of dissolved nutrients in the water is insufficient), and the nitrobacteria reproduction is poor.


      It usually occurs when untreated raw water is injected, combined with sufficient light source and fertilizer (nutrients), that is to say, algal blooms and grass pots become green plants in one day.


    上海11选5  水中含氮时,会产生阿摩尼亚,继而产生亚硝酸。 阿摩尼亚的浓度太高时,则会造成水中毛澡及蓝绿藻的繁殖.当亚硝酸的浓度太高时,则水中褐澡就容易繁殖。

      When the water contains nitrogen, it will produce amonia and then nitrous acid. When the concentration of amonia is too high, the hairy bath and blue-green algae will propagate in the water. When the concentration of nitrite is too high, the brown bath in the water is easy to breed.


      The rate of algal reproduction is amazing. In a day, the square root method is about five hours. The square root is 1 divided into 2, 2 is 2, 4 is 16, and 16 is 256...... (the light quality, carbon dioxide, fertilizer and water temperature are different).


    上海11选5  Sources of phosphorus (P)


    上海11选5  In order to avoid algae breeding, we should first understand the source of algae staple food "P" in order to prevent algae breeding. The following are the sources of P:


      It is frightening that the outsider sells or buys a large amount of element fertilizer with hydroponic formula. The contents of N, P and K (n, P, K) in the fertilizer are all the culprits of the algae in the hydroponic tank.


      When river water is used, there is still phosphorus (bleached clothes) or domestic waste water in the water when it flows into the river。


      Fish bone meal and shrimp shell powder containing phosphorus in artificial feed When the content is too much, it is easy to produce algae.


      Remove turbidity


      To eliminate the turbidity caused by algae, the following methods can be considered:


      1。 Use ultraviolet lamp to kill algae in water。


      2。 The phosphorus content in the water should be 0 or less than 0。02 mg \ L, and the maximum should not exceed 0。2 mg \ LP, otherwise it is difficult to control the growth of algae。


      3. Chemical agents, such as copper, can kill algae. When the amount is large, it will affect aquatic plants, stop the growth of aquatic plants or kill beneficial microorganisms in water tanks. (if not, it shall not be used with disapproval)


    上海11选5  4。 Diatomite was used as filter material to filter and strongly adsorb algae in water。 Pay attention to the detection and control of COD。


      5。 After feeding raw bait (including frozen raw bait or active red earthworm, etc。), it should be noted that the bottom feed and water should be changed afterwards。


      6。 Peat moss can reduce the quality of high pH。


      7. The excess nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer in water can be oxidized by using ozone machine. After the water quality is clarified, the orthodox liquid fertilizer is put in. O3 can sterilize, kill algae, oxidize heavy metals and pesticides, remove ammonia (Chaetoceros, cyanobacteria) and NO2 (brown algae).


    上海11选5  The above is about the treatment of fish tank turbidity, want to know more, welcome to click Jinan used fish tank http://www.sun-tm.com Official website.

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