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    Step 1: orientation and scale of fish tank


    1. position


    When choosing the right place at home or in the company, I have no doubt about which place I think is suitable for geomancy, which will not affect my life in the future, and where to put it.


    2. Fish tank scale


    The selection of scale is too painful. Because everyone is blindly looking for big tanks, there is no way to do it. People have the heart to keep up with each other. We are advised to make decisions based on our own conditions. We try to leave a little space for 2 meters of local work. Our drawback is that it seems that everything is suitable for us. But when we put it on, sometimes it's really crowded. It has to be said that many warm homes are seen in the forum, and the living room has such a large sink. I sincerely feel that it's out of place.



    Step 2: bottom cabinet


    1. Cabinet style


    To choose the style and the raw materials of the cabinet, I belong to the people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, seeking perfection for anything, and the fish tank is not an exception. It belongs to a part of the home, so I must let it blend into my home.


    2. Cabinet materials


    The material of the cabinet will be determined in the future when the style is determined. There are many posts in the material forum. There are all kinds of details. The only thing is to run the building material market in person. The most important detail is whether it is moisture-proof or antiseptic.


    3. Cabinet door


    Contact the cabinet door in advance before construction, do not make the back cabinet door hard to find, the scale is not suitable, and the cabinet door is customized at a high price.


    Step 3: Planning of fish tank and specific issues of cutting


    1. Glass blanking of main cylinder and filter box


    This question depends on how big the tank you make. It's impossible to say here. The only shortcut is to find relevant posts in the forum or ask a master to write down the detailed list of materials for you.


    2. Triangle filter area or square filter area suitable for you


    Determine the future and then go to the forum to consult the master or find related posts. As for the distance between the two glass partitions in the filter area and the distance from the bottom of the tank, how high the water level should be determined, and the scale of the filter area wrapped with acrylic force. This filter area is very important because it depends on the height of the water level and also belongs to the core of the fish tank. Sum it up and make records in the future.


    3. Background color selection of fish tank bottom


    This problem has always puzzled me. The color is easy to choose. The only way is to choose the raw materials. The glass bottom is pasted with white or black instant paste. A layer of white or black ktplate is directly placed on the main tank and cabinet surface, the glass bottom is painted, the fish tank bottom is pasted with matte tiles, and the whole milk white or black acrylic plate is laid on the bottom of the fish tank.


    I think the painting on the bottom of the glass will be damped and the paint will fall off in the future. It's ugly. The bottom of the fish tank is pasted with matte tiles. I think it's feasible. Because many posts have talked about the reflection of the bottom glass and the problem of Loong fish falling eyes. It's said that it's not reflective. Specifically, I want to teach the deep-seated players of Loong fish. I think the reason for the drop is the long-term feeding of barley worms, and the tiling is only insufficient There is a splicing line; the cost of acrylic plate is higher, and it is uncertain whether there will be brown moss on the surface of acrylic plate in the later period due to light problems (because this thing is simple to grow brown MOSS). This situation is unclear, which needs to be determined. Anti reflective uncertain, hope senior players give advice.


    4. Planning and manufacturing of filter cylinder


    Plan your own whole cylinder filtration system and function, make a suitable filtration cylinder in the limited space in the cabinet, consider the occupied height of the pipe fittings, increase the occupied area of the strong exhaust, the occupied height of the dry and wet box, and increase the function of the filtration cylinder, all of which should be well planned, and leave as much margin as possible to place some miscellaneous things or add other equipment in the later stage.


    The spacing between the backwater baffle glass of the filter tank can be found in the forum for relevant posts or teachers' advice. As for the sticking of several grids of filter, it depends on whether you have planned the sedimentation area and the water raising area. Generally, four grids are enough, and the scale of each grid is not a big problem. It is still recommended to strengthen drainage, and then pad up the filter material. It is convenient to change water from the filter tank, and it can also prevent the fish from being frightened.


    5. Selection of pipe fittings


    Plan the pipe laying and the selection of pipe fittings. Many big cylinders, many big pumps and many thick pipe fittings are determined in advance. You can find relevant posts in the forum or consult the master.


    If you want to understand the details of each pipe fitting before cutting, the raw materials of pipe fittings will run more in the building materials market. The pipe fittings you need are almost all inclusive, and it's still better to find the raw materials.


    6. Selection of lights


    It is recommended that we buy finished water lamps or lamp holders. We still think that water lamps are convenient, not easy to be affected by moisture and leakage, with long service life. Lamp holders are easy to be damaged by moisture and leakage.


    7. Sealing and upper cover of fish tank and filter tank


    This suggestion must not be ignored. I know Taobao has a slideway, which is bonded to the main cylinder brace in the main cylinder glass. The water formed by moisture will flow into the cylinder and not easily leak out of the cylinder. There are relevant posts in the specific manufacturing forum.


    As for the selection of lids, I think the transparent acrylic plate (the glass is heavy and fragile) with thick points should be selected. If the lids of such a large water body are not closed properly, the tide is too high in winter. The seawater tank I keep, I personally feel the discomfort of the tide. So this must be done.


    8. Various small details


    This needs to be determined by oneself. A thousand words is a sentence: learn more and summarize more before manufacturing, and then record it. With a plan, plan step by step before you start to rush.


    The above is about the details of fish tank customization. I hope it can help you. This article is customized by Jinan fish tank_ Jinan second-hand aquarium is provided. For more information, please click the official website http://www.sun-tm.com/ 。

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